Why Join the PTA?

Who can join? Parents, guardians, & caregivers of PLE students, PLE teachers, staff & administrators, and members of the community who want to be involved with the PTA!

Is a PTA membership annual or for life? It's annual! PTA memberships need to be renewed every year.

Membership Requirements

What is required to have an annual PTA membership? 

Essentially, nothing! Members are required to renew their membership every year, however, members are not required to do anything beyond signing up! If you have the time and inclination to volunteer, we ALWAYS value more help! Members are also not required to attend meetings (though we do hope you attend them to be in-the-know about budget updates, upcoming events, teacher updates, and other important school & PTA-related news!).

There are many ways to participate with the PLE PTA. We realize that families have different schedules and obligations. We are grateful for any support that you have to give!

Here are some ways that you can participate:

  • Sign up to be a member, receive the newsletters and support the school with your membership
  • Attend PTA meetings held every other month (see our events calendar). Childcare & pizza are provided for age 3 and up.
  • Volunteer for an event. Find out about events on our Facebook page, website, or by asking a fellow PTA member. We always need help and are looking for new volunteers
  • Serve in leadership. Our board members and chairs for events and programs are all volunteers, and we are always looking for members interested in leadership. They are parents, guardians and community members of PLE students just like you! We hold elections for board members and find volunteers for chair positions each spring, for the next school year. Some people like to jump into leadership, others find that serving on a committee or becoming involved in a specific event is a good way to prepare to step into leadership the next year. We usually have several event chair positions open each fall.

Click HERE to fill out our Volunteer Information Form!

PTA members often report that participating in meetings, events & volunteering helps them feel connected to their student, the school, other parents, teachers & staff.

Participating is a great way to get to know other families & to contribute to the opportunities & culture of our school!

How does the PTA support Phantom Lake Elementary?

The PLE PTA supports our school with funds and volunteering in several ways:

  • Handwriting without Tears program
  • Konstella
  • Back to School supplies for all students
  • Grants for school programs
  • Grants to teachers for classroom materials and curriculum
  • Support for field trips
  • Teacher and Staff Appreciation (year-long and special week in Spring)
  • School portraits & assisting with picture day
  • School yearbook
  • The PTA also puts on a lot of events during the year for students & families (such as Ice Cream Social, Harvest Dance, Multicultural Night, Science Fair, Family Movie & Game Nights, Talent Show and more!)

How do I Join?

Ready to join the PTA? We're so happy to have you as part of our community! To join, sign up online or by submitting a paper form to the PTA box at the Front Office!