All Volunteer Committee & Board Positions

Executive Board Positions

  • President - Lead general and board meetings. Public face of the PTA. Oversee all PTA financials, programs and fundraisers. Meet with school administration once per month. 
  • Vice-President of Programs - Oversees all the business of the PTA - Box Tops, BSF Liasison, Eagle Eye Patrol, Emergency Prep, Grants, Community Building, Preschool Liaison, Volunteer Coordinator, Yearbook, Book Fair, Reflections, School Supplies, Lost & Found, Nook Decoration, Healthy Snacks, Picture Day, Walk to School Day, Before & After School Programs. Work with the Chairs to make sure activities are organized and progressing. Should be able to attend all board and general PTA meetings and give updates on what is being organized. Time Commitment: Minimum 3 hours/month, 100% home.
  • Vice-President of Fundraising - Oversee all fundraising activities for the school year and ensure fund raising goals are met. Continue researching new options for fundraising.
  • Treasurer - Authorized custodian to manage the funds of the PTA on behalf of the membership and the board of directors. Serve as chair of the budget committee and presents the budget to the membership. Tracks and records all financial transactions: membership dues, donations, receipts, disbursements. Keeps the PTA compliant with rules and regulations, reporting to government agencies and state PTA as required. Informs committees of budgeted funds. Pays bills and reimbursements as required (within 48 hours of approval). Oversees ongoing PTA finances. Ensures adherence to approved PTA budget. Prepares and presents budget/treasurers report for each PTA meeting
  • Secretary - Prepare & distribute agendas for all board and general PTA meetings. Keep track of attendance at all meetings and confirm that quorum has been met. Take detailed minutes at meetings. Keep track of all votes that happen at meetings and online. Maintain records and present minutes from previous meetings to the board for approval prior to the next meeting. Time Commitment: Minimum 3 hours/month, 50% school and 50% home.

    Board Positions

    • Communications Chair: Maintain PTA website and calendar with up-to-date school and PTA news and events. Post school and PTA updates about events and information as needed to PTA Facebook page. Send out weekly e-newsletter (and other e-blasts on an as-needed basis) with school, PTA and community event information. Should be able to attend all board and general PTA meetings. Help communicate and promote all PTA events and news updates. Approve PTA flyers. Help create and distribute PTA flyers. Time Commitment: Minimum 2-3 hours/month, 100% home.
    • Family Activities Chair: Oversees all Family Activities Events. Work with the Chairs to make sure activities are organized and progressing. Should be able to attend all board and general PTA meetings and give updates on what is being organized. Time Commitment: 2-3 hours/occasion, 50% school and 50% home.
    • Membership Chair: Attend several events throughout the school year talking to families about the PTA, signing people up for memberships, and selling t-shirts. Maintain database of current members. 
    • Staff Appreciation Chair: The Staff Appreciation chair has two main responsibilities: Showing Appreciation for the Staff throughout the year and organizing Staff Appreciation week in May. They should be available to attend general PTA meetings, and sometimes be asked to give feedback on what is being organized and how the money is spent. CLICK HERE to read a more detailed description of what is involved in this position. Please note this description is what has been done in the past - you can make this position your own and modify the details. What's important is your appreciation for the amazing PLE staff! Time Commitment: Minimum 1 hour/month, 50% school and 50% home.
    • Teacher Liaison: Teacher who works with the PTA to meet the needs of the staff and help the PTA better serve the staff.


    • Before & After School Programs Chair: Research before & after school programs and decide which ones to offer at PLE. Introduce the programs to the front office who will handle room assignment and scheduling. Time Commitment: Minimum 3 hours/year, 100% home.
    • BSF Liaison: Communication with the Bellevue Schools Foundation (BSF) to pass on information to the school. Promote their fundraisers at PLE throughout the year. Attend BSF events (optional). Time Commitment: Minimum 2 hours/year, 50% home and 50% school.
    • Emergency Preparedness:
    • Community Building Chair: Plan ways to reach out and get families more involved at PLE, including grade level potlucks, coffee & donuts, and other inclusive events. Time Commitment: Minimum 2 hours/year, 50% school and 50% home.
    • Preschool Liaison: Communicate with the PLE preschool on a monthly basis to see if they need anything from the PTA and/or want to attend any of our events. Time Commitment: 2 hours/year, can be done from home via email or in person.
    • Volunteer Coordinator: Coordinate and organize parent and community volunteers for PTA events. Use Signup Genius to send out sign-up lists and maintain a volunteer contact list. Time Commitment: Minimum 2 hours/year, 100% home.
    • Yearbook Chair: Help design and layout the yearbook and take pictures. Ensure deadlines are met and edit book for content/quality. Time Commitment: Minimum 5 hours/year, 100% home.
    • School Supplies Chair: Collect school supply lists for the next academic year in June. Comparison shop to find the best deals to buy supplies in bulk. Order supplies and work with a team to distribute the supplies to the appropriate classroom in August before school starts. Time Commitment: Minimum 5 hours/year, 90% home and 10% school.
    • Healthy Snacks Coordinator: Prepare and send out Signup Geniuses for Healthy Snacks for student testing. Time Commitment: 1-2 hours, 100% home
    • Lost & Found Coordinator: Monitor Lost & Found collection in the Cafe. Take occasional photos and post to PTA Facebook page. Once in a while bring Lost & Found collection outside the front office. Time Commitment: 1-2 hours, 75% school, 25% home.
    • Hearing and Vision Screening: Assist the school nurse with screening students in the fall. Training provided the same day. Time Commitment: 2-3 hours, 1 day per year, 100% school.
    • Picture Day:  Escort classes to the photo location at their time. Help comb and primp students. Could also include picture retake day. Time Commitment: 5-6 hours, 1-2 days per year, 100% school.
    • Language Ambassadors: The PTA needs help reaching out to our ELL parent population. If you know another language please consider helping out. Time Commitment: As needed.
    • Field Day: Assist PE teacher and students during field day. Help out for a couple of hours in June at the end of the school year. Time Commitment: 3-4 hours, 1 day per year, 100% school.
    • Book Fair: Help setup, cleanup, and accept payments for the Fall and Spring Book Fairs. Time commitment: Minimum 1-2 hours, 2 weeks per year, 100% school.
    • Nook Decorator: Assist with decorating tasks for various events. Posters, crafts, bulletin boards, etc. Time Commitment: 2-3 hours/event, 50% school and 50% home.
    • Eagle Eye Patrol: Get to know the students at PLE and come hang out at recess. Come once a week or once a month as an extra set of eyes on the playground. Help whenever your schedule permits! Time Commitment: Minimum 1 hour/month, 100% school.
    • Reflections Chair: Publicize the national PTA art contest and collect submitted projects for judging.  This is busiest from September to January. Time Commitment: Minimum 3 hours/year, 50% school and 50% home.
    • Walk to School Day: Plan, participate in, or run activities that support Walk to School Day in October. Time Commitment: 2-3 hours/year, 50% school and 50% home.
    • Grants Chair: Communicate grant deadlines to school staff and assist staff in writing grants to apply for PTA funds for field trips, classroom resources, etc. Time Commitment: 2-3 hours/year, 100% home.

    Family Activities

    • Ice Cream Social Chair: Help plan the welcome back-to-school ice cream social where families come and eat ice cream with the teachers/administration. Plan ice cream & toppings for the event. Coordinate with before/after school programs to attend the event so parents can learn about the available options for the year. We also need help with decorations, set-up, & clean-up. Time Commitment: Minimum 3 hours/year, 50% school and 50% home.
    • Harvest Dance Chair: Help plan one of the students' favorite events of the year! We need help with theme, decorations, set-up, clean-up and planning events/games at the dance. Time Commitment: Minimum 3 hours/year, 50% school and 50% home.
    • Multi-Cultural Night Chair: A fun family evening where families get to share their culture with other members of the Phantom Lake community. Help would be needed planning the evening, coordinating food and display sign-ups, as well as with setup, clean-up and running the event. Time Commitment: Minimum 3 hours/year, 50% school and 50% home.
    • Family Game Night Chair: Help plan activities/games and refreshments for game nights that happen 2-3x/year. Promote the event via flyers and run the popcorn machine. Time Commitment: Minimum 3 hours/year, 50% school and 50% home.
    • Science Fair Chair: A great opportunity to bring science fun to school. Help is needed planning the evening, scheduling outside vendors, ordering awards, as well as with setup, clean-up and running the event. Time Commitment: Minimum 3 hours/year, 50% school and 50% home.
    • Talent Show Chair: A fun evening of showcasing the talents of the students at Phantom Lake.  This event needs a lot of prep time and dedicated individuals who will plan and promote the evening as well as all the rehearsals needed. Time Commitment: Minimum 3 hours/year, 50% school and 50% home.

    Staff Appreciation

    • Catering Coordinator: Help with a behind the scenes task for Staff Appreciation this coming year! We need someone to organize any outside catering request for staff & teachers (only 3-5 occasions during the year, ranging from light snacks to full meals to special occasions to coffee/juice cart). This role is great for someone who enjoys searching for a great deal, researching all the options & help keeping our expenses low! Can be done completely at home & doesn't require you to be at school for the occasion. You will be given all the details (event, food type, date, time, budget, etc), and once approved, it will be your job to book it! Time Commitment: 1-2 hours/occasion, 100% home.
    • Monthly Staff Recognition Coordinator/s: Plan for the Staff room to be decorated for a specific month and organize a consumable treat/gift for the Staff, either as a shared item (i.e food or snacks in the staff room), or individual gifts for each staff member. Can take on your choice of month(s)! Time Commitment: 2-3 hours/occasion, 50% school and 50% home


    • Fall Read-A-Thon Chair: Help the VP of Fundraising with the Read-A-Thon in the fall, including planning, decorating, promoting and executing the event. Time Commitment: Minimum 3 hours in the fall, 50% school and 50% home.
    • Spring Fundraiser Chair: Assist the VP of Fundraising with planning the spring fundraiser, soliciting sponsorships from local businesses, advertising the event to students & families, and running the event. Time Commitment: Minimum 3 hours/year, 50% school and 50% home.
    • Spring Fundraiser Procurement Chair: Assist VP of Fundraising with donation letter production and solicitation of donations from area businesses and organizations. Time Commitment: Minimum 3 hours/year, 100% home.