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2020-21 Application for Free or Reduced Priced Meals

  • The online application for school meal benefits is NOW available at Families have the option to print and mail a copy of the application if they prefer. Printable applications are available from our website in the following languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Vietnamese. Additional translations can be accessed from the USDA website located at
  • To date, over 1700 students have been directly certified for free or reduced priced meals for the 2020-21 SY due to their participation in assistance programs such as Basic Food, McKinney Vento, Foster care, etc. Families have been mailed letters notifying them of this prequalification.  There is no need for these families to submit an application.
    Included in the mailing with the approval letter is a copy of the Consent to Share form that they will need to return in order to allow our department to share their eligibility for school meal benefits with programs such as Fee Waivers, Family Connections and Nursing (Vision Coupons). The Consent to Share form includes all the ways to return:  mail, fax, email.
  • Returning students retain their school meal eligibility for the first 30 school days. After that, if a new application has not been processed, they will ROLLOVER, to a paid status on the 30th day of school (October 16, 2020).
  • Please notify Nutrition Services at 4507 or if a returning student has a newly enrolled sibling so that we may extend the 30 day eligibility grace period to the new student. 
  • Families will still need to complete a new application for 2020-21 by October 16th to continue benefits. Families must reapply/be qualified for school meal benefits annually. Families may complete an application for school meal benefits anytime from August 17th through the end of the school year.
  • Families can submit a new application at anytime during the school year should their income status or household size change.

Unpaid Meal Charges

Nutrition Services has cleared ALL outstanding debts on the school meal accounts for students that qualified for free or reduced priced meals last school year.  Debts accumulated on these student accounts prior to their application being approved.  This effort was made possible by funding received from the families of the Class of 2020 graduating seniors who donated their surplus school meal balances, the Woodridge PTSA, Highland PTSA and a few generous community members.

Over $16,000 in unpaid meal charges remain on the school meal accounts for students who do not qualify or have not previously applied for free or reduced priced meals.  These debts occur when students request a meal but do not have funds on their account or in hand to pay for the meal.  By state law, we are required to provide a meal to a student regardless of their ability to pay at the time of service.  A la carte snacks cannot be charged to a student account.

PayPams opens Friday, August 14th for online payments.

2020-21 School Meal Prices

Elementary (Grades K-3) - Breakfast - $2.25 / Reduced Price Breakfast - FREE / Lunch - $3.50 / Reduced Price Lunch - FREE
Elementary (PK, Gr 4-5) - Breakfast - $2.25 / Reduced Price Breakfast - FREE / Lunch - $3.50 / Reduced Price Lunch - $0.40
Middle School - Breakfast - $2.50 / Reduced Price Breakfast - FREE / Lunch - $3.75 / Reduced Price Lunch - $0.40
High School - Breakfast - $2.50 / Reduced Price Breakfast - FREE / Lunch - $3.75 / Reduced Price Lunch - $0.40
School Meal Prices:  Unchanged

Nutrition Services Contacts:

Main Office (7:00-3:30 pm) @ MSC
12037 NE 5th Street Bellevue, WA  98005
Phone - 425-456-4507
Email -