About the PTA

Welcome! We are the Phantom Lake Elementary (PLE) Parent Teacher Association (PTA).

We are a non-profit association run by family and community members of PLE students. We work to support students, families, teachers and staff at PLE. We operate under the larger organizations of the Washington State Parent Teacher Association (WSPTA) and the National Parent Teacher Association (NPTA).

Our mission is to empower kids for success in the school and in the community. We accomplish this by connecting school, family & community. Read more about our Mission & Goals by clicking HERE and our current Standing Rules by clicking HERE.

Membership to the PTA is annual and low-cost! Individuals pay just $16 per year or $22 per family. Families can sponsor a friend or teacher (mention a specific name, if desired, when you complete your donation). Scholarships are available, as needed. Please contact the PTA to find out more.

Help us get to our goal of 100% membership each year! 

Sign up using cash, check or credit card! For cash or check, please contact phantomlakepta@gmail.com. For credit card, please click JOIN US below and complete the form & payment!

In the drop-down links in the menu above, find information all about how the PTA works and how you can help make an impact as well as the many membership benefits! Also find PTA-related documents (Plan of Action, Check Request, & Membership forms) and PTA-related links (Bellevue PTSA Council, WSPTA, NPTA and more)

Click "JOIN US" above to sign-up or renew your PTA membership!