The PTA helps Phantom Lake Elementary in amazing ways because of fundraising & donation efforts from our parents & community! There are many ways you can give to the PTA!

On this page, scroll down to find information about why & how we fundraise. 

Use the drop-down menu above to find specific info on:

  • Why does Phantom Lake PTA do so many fundraisers?
    Fundraising is a necessary part of any PTA in order to accomplish our mission and goals. Phantom Lake PTA is a nonprofit, membership association working to enhance educational opportunities for every child while strengthening home and community.  To make this, we have to raise money to bridge the gap between public funding and actual program expenses.
    Fundraising is also a great opportunity to have fun, community events! 
  • Where Does the Money Go?
    Money raised by the PTA supports the students, parents, staff and community of Phantom Lake Elementary. PTA funds are used to supplement supplies, provide school and library support, staff grants and professional development, playground equipment, education experiences and assemblies, free family activities throughout the year such as the Harvest Dance, science fair, ice cream social, and so much more!
  • Are My Donations Tax Deductible?
    Yes! Phantom Lake PTA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, which means your donations are tax-deductible!
  • Can I make a donation (instead of buying a product)?
    You bet!  We welcome your tax-deductible donations any time of the year!  We promise to put your donation to good use!  Thank you! Click Here to make a donation today!
  • Microsoft Volunteer Hour Matching
    Microsoft Employees, this is your call to action!  Have you volunteered at a PTA-sponsored event this year?  Did you know that Microsoft will donate $25 for each hour volunteered ($15,000 max match per year) directly to the Phantom Lake PTA.  PTA events include Ice Cream Social, Auction, Science Fair, chaperoning field trips and more. How can I make sure that Phantom Lake receives a donation for any time that I've spent volunteering? 

         Follow these easy steps for Microsoft Volunteer Matching:

  1. Go to //Give
  2. Click the Give Time tile which launches the Microsoft Volunteer Manager
  3. Under the MY ACTIVITIES menu item select Record Hours
  4. To select your organization, search for Phantom Lake Elementary PTA
  5. Hover over Phantom Lake PTA in your search results and click on SELECT
  6. The Record Hours pages should now be open where you can the add details regarding you volunteer hours and submit. 
  7. Make sure that you click the plus sign to add Volunteer Activities and click Finished.
  8. Once you have completed all the necessary information, make sure the request matching funds boxed is checked (its checked by default but it doesn't hurt to confirm) and click continue.
  9. Confirm your eligibility.  If you don't select confirm all, your volunteer hours will not be counted.
  10. You should now be able to submit your hours by clicking submit hours at the bottom of the page.  If you do not click submit hours your hours will not be counted.
  11. You should see this screen when your hours have been successfully submitted: "Thank you for your time at Phantom Lake and thank you for taking the extra time to process your hours for matching funds to Phantom Lake!"