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Executive Board MembersPresident

Beka Anardi -
I have two daughters at PLE - in kindergarten & 3rd grade, and a son in 6th at Tillicum. We love the friends we have made at PLE. It's a wonderful, supportive community where all are welcome and diversity is encouraged! Volunteering on the PTA has allowed me to get to know the staff, meet other families, and have a presence in my children's lives while they are at school. For these few short years, my kids think it's cool that I help out in school, so I'm taking advantage of the opportunity while I can. Go Eagles!

VP of Programs

Christina Dunlap -
I have two wonderful kiddos so far at PLE! Looking to be more involved in the PTA this year, I am now holding this position for the first time, and am very excited about it! Phantom Lake has wonderful programs and outreach. I really look forward to meeting more of the PLE family and hearing their feedback. I love how PLE is responsive to meeting the various needs of students and their academic growth! GO EAGLES! 

VP of Fundraising

Rhiannon Kreal -
My husband and I have two kids at Phantom Lake Elementary School (2nd and 4th grade), as well as one at Odle Middle School (7th grade). We have been part of the PLE community since our oldest started attending in 2013, and have always enjoyed the many events and programs that the PTA has to offer. I was inspired to volunteer for the PTA board to help continue all of the excellent work that they do, as well as give back to the community that we have been part of for so long. Go Eagles!


Melony Ploeger -

This is my family's second year as part of the Phantom Lake Community. When we moved here I was blown away by the friendliness and acceptance we were shown, which made the decision to step in as Treasurer incredibly easy. Even though my 5th grader is now in a virtual classroom at another school, we still feel connected to and welcomed at Phantom Lake, and we're all excited to see what adventures this roller coaster of a year will bring!


Brianne Dean -


Board Members

Communications Chair

Carrie Lascano -

I have a 3rd grader at PLE as well as a future Eagle who loves to greet students & staff at PLE. This is my 3rd year on the board and being part of the PTA helped me get to know the teachers, staff and families of PLE a lot more! I love being part of such a supportive, caring community. 

Family Activities Chair

Sheetal Patwardhan-Bapat -
I have 2 wonderful daughters. The older one is a 1st grader in PLE. The younger one is 4 and learns in a Montessori.  I am a Montessori teacher as well as a singing teacher. I love working with kiddos.
I was involved in couple of family events of PLE last year and I throughly enjoyed it. I love managing the events. I am super excited to be one of the boards this year. Its gonna be little challenging this year but I am sure its gonna be fun with such a supportive and caring community. Go eagles

Staff Appreciation Chair

Caryn Lange -

I've had the pleasure of being involved in the Phantom Lake PTA for the past 5 years in various roles.  My favorite role by far is finding fun, inexpensive ways to show our staff and teachers how much we appreciate them! My two girls will be in 5th and 3rd grade this year, and I also have a son in Middle school.  I have always felt that what makes Phantom Lake Elementary school special is our caring community, and I know that we will all rise to the new challenges that face us this year. I look forward to continuing to support the PTA  and the PLE staff this year!

Membership Chair

Margaret Stork van Swelm -

Teacher Liaison

Andrea Goss, 3rd Grade


Programs: Christina Dunlap, VP of Programs

Box Tops - Christine Ito

BSF Liaison - Erika Navara

Eagle Eye Patrol - Darbi Macy

Emergency Preparedness - Darbi Macy

Grants Chair - Erika Navara

Community Building Chair -

Preschool Liaison -

Volunteer Coordinator - 

Yearbook Chair - 

Book Fair Chair - Linna Repin

Reflections Chair -

School Supplies Chair - Rhiannon Kreal

Lost & Found Coordinator - Jenny Ross

Nook Decorator/s - Jolene Hansen

                                   Kim Lustig

Healthy Snacks Coordinator - Jolene Hansen

Picture Day Chair - Jenny Sharp

Walk to School Day Chair - Melicent Smith

Before/After School Programs Chair - Shao-Lin Rios

Fundraising: Rhiannon Kreal, VP of Fundraising

Read-A-Thon Chair - Mary LaPlante

Spring Fundraiser Chair -

Family Activities: Sheetal Patwardhan, Chair

Harvest Dance Chair/s - Courtney Podolski

                                            Hayley Doyle

Ice Cream Social Chair - Jennifer Paculdo

Game Nights Chair -

Multi-cultural Night Chair/s - Sheetal Patwardhan

Science Fair Chair -

Talent Show Chair/s - Sheetal Patwardhan

Summer Park Playdates Chair -

Staff Appreciation: Caryn Lange, Chair

Catering Coordinator - Melicent Smith

Monthly Staff Recognition Committee - Kelsey Kitchen

                                                                      Kim Lustig

                                                                      Linna Repin

                                                                      Jenny Sharp

                                                                      Heemani Vyas

                                                                      Olga Miller